Thursday, 2 January 2014

Clive Fencott- restringing a rotary clothesline C40 out now.

Our first release for 2014 is 'Restringing a rotary clothesline' by Clive (aka PC) Fencott. Four slabs of sound poetry wrapped up in a tasty Print Project sleeve.

I first heard Clive at the Colour out of Space festival in 2011. It was one of those performances which i sat down to with no prior expectations and left, along with the rest of the audience, with a stupid grin on my face.You can watch a clip at Clive's website.

I eagerly purchased a copy of Clive's 1980 split LP with Paul Dutton "Blues, Roots, Legends, Shouts and Hollers". It made the Wire magazine's primer on sound poetry back in 2012 and this is what Julian Cowley had to say;

"On the flipside is a rare opportunity to hear Gloucestershire-born Clive Fencott, who in the early 1980's formed Oral Complex, a brilliant alliance with Bob Cobbing; their voices processed live by sound engineer John Whiting. When the solo performances on this LP were recorded, Fencott had only been reading in public for a couple of years and again a sense of excitement and urgency comes through, especially on "The Legends of Jack O'Kent", recorded live (and not well)in London in 1978.Fencott may lack the projection of Cobbing (or Dutton), but as he intones his fractured, referential text, lapsing into machine-like stuttering, then straining to sing Robert Johnson's "Me and the Devil", enacting a struggle to elude diabolic possession, the cumalative effect is riveting."

'Restringing a rotary clothes line'takes a variety of approaches to words and the human voice and is an equally thrilling ride.

Limited to 40 copies. Letter press printed two panel cover by The Print Project. Green tapes with insert. No digital edition.

SOLD OUT. Check for remaining copies.

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