Sunday, 21 December 2008

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Emeralds live in Nottingham

Ok the next Rammel club night will be on the Sunday 25th of January and features Ohio's Emeralds. I'm stoked about this gig, if you haven't heard their recent Hanson LP 'Solar Bridge' then you're missing out on some pretty amazing kraut synth juice. This is how the gig stands so far, might be a few minor changes but i'll post as i know more...


“…fantastic, no-mind drone that swells in bloom after bloom of pink F/X-irradiated clouds, crossing the kind of planetary scale gravities of Tangerine Dream's Zeit with the sun-climbing-tenement-walls feel of classic Cale/Velvets jams and the new dawn zone of the best Klaus Schulze, Cosmic Couriers and Taj Mahal Travellers sides. The jams have an ecstatic slow-burning euphoria to them, expanding with beautifully sublimated melodic detail into synth hymnals and flat-on-your-back visions of now/then/forever. Post-noise eternal music gnosis doesn't come any more gracefully fucked than this.”
Volcanic Tongue

Birds Of Delay

“Beneath the mounds of tape loops, keyboard mysticism, and vocals rests the human forms of Luke Younger and Steven Warwick aka Birds Of Delay”

Gareth Hardwick

“a super slow, drawn out languorous soundscape of deep warm melodic swells. Soft and rounded, muted and dreamlike, endless and repetitive. Simple melodies, pulled apart into abstract notes, allowed to surface one at a time, like sonic detritus in an expansive sea of sound. Reminds us quite a bit of Stars Of The Lid, or maybe a Philip Glass piece slowed waaaaay down.”
Aquarius Records

Modulator ESP

“Modulator ESP produces improvised experimental music using analogue and digital synthesis, analogue sequencers and processed sounds to create strange worlds of sound somewhere between '70s space music, prog rock and dark ambient drone and pieces are like abstract journeys into the imagination.”

Sunday 25th January 2009
CHAMELEON(market sq. next to bell inn, above Clinton Cards)
8.00pm start £5/4 (cons)

Cosmic Slop

Picked up a copy of Funkadelic's 'Toys' LP yesterday. It's a compilation of outtakes and jams from the early '70s. It's always nice to have some new Funkadelic in my life but it's not a great record by any means,some blazing guitar and squelchy Bernie Worrell keyboards aside it meanders a bit and just served as a reminder that i really need to dig out 'Maggot Brian' when i get home tonight. Here's the video to 'Cosmic Slop';