Wednesday, 11 February 2009

The poster

In case you are wondering our posters are designed by dan/model fighter.
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Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Astral Social Club album of the month at Aquarius

Astral Social Club's new album Octuplex on VHF has been made album of the month at .Don't forget you can see him and Mark Durgan play live on;

Saturday 21st of February,
Chameleon(Market Square,Nottingham, next to Bell Inn)
9pm start,10pm first band
£5/4 cons.

Here's the review in full;


It's a weird thing, but we've always noticed that musicians, especially avant outsider musicians (and even then ESPECIALLY metal musicians) seemed inordinately fond of electronic music. Every time a band would come in the store, they would head straight for the electronic section and end up buying a bunch of weird techno or jungle or whatever.

Which then might make it less surprising that recently some of our favorite noise makers seem to be heading in that direction with their own music. Campbell Kneale's Birchville Cat Motel is gone, and in its place, Our Love Will Destroy The World, whose first record was indeed some bastardized dance music, a strange hybrid of blurred buzzy drone music, and thumping club jamz. Similarly, Neil Campbell, aka Astral Social Club has been peppering his recent record with similarly club worthy jamz, but again, those sounds still soaked in the same sort of blissed out psychedelic ambience that most people associate with his Astral Social Club.

For this latest full length, Campbell once again starts things off with a track that would almost sound more at home on Planet Mu than VHF. A skittery bloopfest, with a thick grinding synth bass line, and bloopy bleepy beats, but all wreathed in processed guitars and blurred soft focus buzz, which leads right into the second track, still electronic, but not actually danceable, it sounded more like a club jam on 45, the beats stumbling over one another, like a jumbled, almost hyper speed Pierre Bastien, a million little mechanical men, spewing a symphony of clicks and bleeps and loops, all wound around buried melodies and long thick streaks of hiss and fuzz.

We kept expecting things to switch gears, and for the sound to gradually bliss out into the more 'traditional' ASC sound, long form ur-drones more along the lines of Sunroof! or Skullflower, but most of us were hoping just the opposite, that maybe he'd push further, take ASC somewhere no band like that had really felt at home, the dancefloor, albeit, some strange seriously fucked up and drug addled ALIEN dancefloor. And so he has, for the most part. The first half of the record is indeed, all fractured beats, and warped loops, woozy tripped out grooves, effects swirling and whirling everywhere, the beats playful and not quite funky, stuttery skittery, and seriously fun. This is the kind of stuff that just might lure the perpetual wallflowers out onto that dancefloor.

BUT!!! Hidden between the opening salvo of beats and loops, and the closing outer space house jam, lurks some of the prettiest droned out ambience we've heard from ASC. Processed glitchery, smeared into grainy expanses of glistening blur and shimmery starburst, draped with delicate melodies, gradually growing into a glorious wall of warm fuzz, super thick grinding buzz, smoothed into hypnotic loops and pulsing soundscapes, a more caffeinated Tim Hecker, gauzy and washed out but propulsive and kinetic, glorious sun baked upper register blow outs, wrapped around crystalline acoustic guitars, all woven into a wheezing heaving whole, some sort of super abstract avant garde raga, and finally, a brief but fantastical tangle of crunch and buzz, off hiss and glitch, warped melodies and damaged arrangements, lo-fi tape hiss slithers beneath stuttering chopped up samples, again all blurred into something dreamlike and bleary eyed. WOW.

It all might seem a little schizophrenic, and it is, but it's also the best of both worlds, and the key being that the more beat oriented tracks, are still able to function like the more ambient drone based sounds, if you're laying in the dark, headphones strapped on, those beats might not induce you to shake your tail feathers, but they'll still be able to suck you under, to transport you to some crazed soundworld, to totally mesmerize and hypnotize, which makes the whole record either the weirdest most fucked up electronic dance record EVER, or quite possibly just the best Astral Social Club release so far. Maybe both...

You can read the Feral Debris review of the album in a few weeks, the fourth issue is nearly done- just waiting to take it to the printers!

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Mark Durgan and Astral Social Club

Ok, Rammel Club number three is on it's way.

Mark Durgan

Mark Durgan will be performing two sets, one more noise based as Putrifier and one of ‘industrial psychedelia’ under his own name.

“For the past twenty years, Mark Durgan, known under the Putrefier moniker and his label Birthbiter (1986), is one of the few genuinely curious anomalies operating today. Disassociated with a lot of noise, he is more of a true outsider of this scene, somewhat akin to the older sound poets.”
Volcanic Tongue

He has just released a cracking new LP under his own name on Family Battle Snake's new label Pan Records.

Astral Social Club

Featuring Neil Campbell (ex-Vibracathedral Orchestra) and John Clyde-Evans (aka Tirath Singh Nirmala). Recent LP ‘Plug music Ramoon’ provided “sonic explosions and two looooong journeys to sustained ecstasy combining percussive sticks and bells, resonant electronics, keyboard odysseys and some experimental vocal work from helmsman Campbell.”Expect throbbing electronic minimalism, psychedelic drones and pounding krautrock rhythms.

Burd & Scarr

Ghostly, industrial ambience from Nottingham duo.

Plus DJ's until 2am (including me and Steve Harbinger Sound).

Saturday 21st of February
(Market Square, next to Bell Inn)
9pm start, 10pm first band
£5/4 cons

If you fancy going to see The Lords play first at The Arts Organisation then they'll be selling a combination ticket at a cost of £7 will which get you into both gigs. More info on that soon.