Thursday, 30 April 2009

Feral Debris issue four out now!

Yup, after an interminable wait issue four is out for your perusal. Interviews with San Francisco's kings of fuzz Wooden Shjips, London's messtheticists Black Time,the blackened doom of Moss and ravaged '70s guitar monster Raven. Thomas Moronic interviews author JW Veldhoen, Chris Summerlin goes to work on the myth of Jandek and Old Uncle Rocky spews hate in your general direction. Plus record and film reviews and art from Dan Ward and G.Lansard.

The accompanying cd-r contains new and exclusive tracks from Astral Social Club, Blood!,Burd,Scarr and Broken Sleep,Homocidal Republic,Hunter Gracchus,Murder Book and Roses, Pascal Nichols, Putavegas and Slicing Grandpa. Fucked up electronics, blissed out fuzz, dislocated folk and jazz, walls of noise and crazed space punk. It's all in there baby, there's even some quiet tracks.

Photocopied to fuck. It's £3 postpaid anywhere.

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Pocahaunted/Burial Hex/Sun Araw/Kogumaza

And if that wasn't's what we've got planned in June.


With new LP’s just out on Ecstatic Peace and Troubleman, Pocahaunted bring their swirling psychedelia to Nottingham. Hints of ‘80s pop, drone, tropical beats and guitar blur into a beautiful wall of sound.

“A cindering tapestry of guitar string propelled by other-worldly beats of oblivion.”
Weird Forest

“Nod-out acid rock rhythms with wordless choirs of abandon and power vocals extrapolated from hypnagogic 1980s pop.”
Volcanic Tongue

Burial Hex

Burial Hex is Clay Ruby’s (also a member of free folk group Davenport and pagan doom unit Jex Thoth) solo project and melds the grim, frost bitten atmospherics of black metal to twisted electronica and caustic ambience. Records out on Aurora Borealis.


“Ominous strings moan and drift, melodies abstract and spare, stretch out and sprawl like a graveyard fog. Slowly, other sounds enter the mix, percussion, rumbling drones, strange beastly growls, eventually, the tranquility is shattered by what sounds like a descent into hell, anguished wails, squalls of strings, screams and shrieks, more growling and grunting, which soon give way to an avalanche of crumbling distorted noise, feedback, and amp buzz, whirs and grinding glitch, a serious wall of intense blown out fury.“
Aquarius Records

Sun Araw

Sun Araw blends the cosmic ambience of John Coltrane’s ‘Interstellar Space’ LP with the fuzzy drug riffs of Spacemen 3 into a blissful mass of ragged sound.

“A drugged out, bluesy blend of face melting drones, fuzzed out guitar riffs, and repetitive clangy rhythms. Ritualistic and somehow modern, Sun Araw walks the line between pop and drone.”
Aquarius Records


”Kogumaza are the re-united guitar section of former Nottingham band Wolves Of Greece. They combine the guitar density of Glenn Branca (whose orchestra they have both been a part of) with the heavy throb of Lungfish and the insistent rhythms of Mo Tucker, courtesy of Ms K.E.Brown on the drums, to create a swirling, spiritual murk.”

Friday 19th of June
Not too sure of prices yet- i'll post 'em when i know for sure.

James Ferraro/P.A.R.A/Monopoly Star Searchers

Hey a little update. Just to let you know that it will be James Ferraro headlining rather than Skaters as such. Should be pretty damn cool. Here's the bumpf on his new LP on Holy Mountain;

"Clear and Discovery were originally released as two companion CDRs by James Ferraro (of the whole Skaters / Lamborghini Crystal / 90120 / Splash / Nirvana axis) and comprise the August 1974 (Taj-Mahal Travellers) of his discography. Both albums contain absolutely beautiful whirling hall-of-knives-style synth drone that makes one want to reference Klaus Schulze or Bobby Beausoleil. Clear bursts with flam beats and a cluster of melodies muffled like a calliope wrapped in a soggy tarp, while Discovery is comparable to Daft Punk's album of the same name but played in reverse at 16 rpm through a boombox in a boiler room.

These two records contain the sounds of pulling out with tapping beats of fluid dropped on a soft convertible top (open), much like those fictitious Giorgio Moroder songs for the upcoming Olympics in Atlantis or a reworking of that award-winning song from Revenge of the Nerds - or is it "Wonderwall"- into a theme for a future ski jump at the Great Pyramids. Are you ready for the lizard people to compete? Now available as mastered vinyl LPs with a digital download." - Holy Mountain.

"Ferraro creates a new age for the new agers. You know that crazy Pillsbury commercial where the dough boy lies back and drifts across this white background with ecstatic floating music sweeping him along? Well it's not far off, at least in effect. It all meets somewhere between Arvo Part, Terry Riley, and the Healing Sounds of Crystal Bowls, only as interpreted through immense draperies of washed-out production." - Ear-Conditioned Nightmare.

And here is a video of The Skaters live;

We've also added the awesome Extended Network to the bill.

Thursday, 9 April 2009