Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Mark Durgan and Astral Social Club

Ok, Rammel Club number three is on it's way.

Mark Durgan

Mark Durgan will be performing two sets, one more noise based as Putrifier and one of ‘industrial psychedelia’ under his own name.

“For the past twenty years, Mark Durgan, known under the Putrefier moniker and his label Birthbiter (1986), is one of the few genuinely curious anomalies operating today. Disassociated with a lot of noise, he is more of a true outsider of this scene, somewhat akin to the older sound poets.”
Volcanic Tongue

He has just released a cracking new LP under his own name on Family Battle Snake's new label Pan Records.

Astral Social Club

Featuring Neil Campbell (ex-Vibracathedral Orchestra) and John Clyde-Evans (aka Tirath Singh Nirmala). Recent LP ‘Plug music Ramoon’ provided “sonic explosions and two looooong journeys to sustained ecstasy combining percussive sticks and bells, resonant electronics, keyboard odysseys and some experimental vocal work from helmsman Campbell.”Expect throbbing electronic minimalism, psychedelic drones and pounding krautrock rhythms.

Burd & Scarr

Ghostly, industrial ambience from Nottingham duo.

Plus DJ's until 2am (including me and Steve Harbinger Sound).

Saturday 21st of February
(Market Square, next to Bell Inn)
9pm start, 10pm first band
£5/4 cons

If you fancy going to see The Lords play first at The Arts Organisation then they'll be selling a combination ticket at a cost of £7 will which get you into both gigs. More info on that soon.

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