Thursday, 30 April 2009

Feral Debris issue four out now!

Yup, after an interminable wait issue four is out for your perusal. Interviews with San Francisco's kings of fuzz Wooden Shjips, London's messtheticists Black Time,the blackened doom of Moss and ravaged '70s guitar monster Raven. Thomas Moronic interviews author JW Veldhoen, Chris Summerlin goes to work on the myth of Jandek and Old Uncle Rocky spews hate in your general direction. Plus record and film reviews and art from Dan Ward and G.Lansard.

The accompanying cd-r contains new and exclusive tracks from Astral Social Club, Blood!,Burd,Scarr and Broken Sleep,Homocidal Republic,Hunter Gracchus,Murder Book and Roses, Pascal Nichols, Putavegas and Slicing Grandpa. Fucked up electronics, blissed out fuzz, dislocated folk and jazz, walls of noise and crazed space punk. It's all in there baby, there's even some quiet tracks.

Photocopied to fuck. It's £3 postpaid anywhere.