Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Dolphins into the Future/Apalusa/Floris Vanhoof/Adam James Davis

A night of celestial ambience and drone in Nottingham. Bring yer own flotation tanks. From Belgium...

Dolphins into the Future

"A casual interweb cruiser could be forgiven for confusing Dolphins Into The Future the “band” (aka the one-man tape-loop blue-age ambient project executed by Belgian Cetacean Nation ambassador Lieven Martens) with Dolphins Into The Future the book (written by dimensional traveler Joan Ocean concerning her 20-year-long real life spirit quest to commune with a school of 200 wild Hawaiian Spinner dolphins). And, to be fair, they’re a LOT alike. Both deal heavily in trippy, drifting logics, vibrational holograms, and an overdose of psychedelic pastel artwork. But Ms. Ocean’s books are out of print so instead we have ...On Sea-Faring Isolation, Mr. Dolphin Martens’ vinyl debut under the DITF banner, after a 2-year string of increasingly blissed tapes and CDRs. Composed of three interwoven pieces per side, Isolation is one of those baffling magic eye LPs that seems to dissolve yr memory of it during the very act of listening. Turquoise webs of billowing synth smoke curl and dissipate into grey horizons of open sea field recordings. The wooden mast of a ship creaks quietly while astral bells toll away in morning fog. You are alone. This record could make a sailor homesick, and Joan Ocean weep. Beautifully composed and sequenced, with just the right amount of wobbly porpoise sonar prisms bubbling up from the deep, this LP exceeded all our expectations (and they were high). A fantastic voyage into the pan-dolphinic dawn." - Not Not Fun.

Dolphins gets a mention in David Keenan's article on hypnagogic pop in this months issue of The Wire.

Florian Vanhoof (Belgium)

Apalusa (Low Point Recordings)

"For me the obvious comparison here is some of the earlier Stars of The Lid music before they went more classical. Throbbing low end droney bass with some lush sounding feedback combine to make a really thundering warm sound. Listening to it on headphones it's proper taking me somewhere else as well which I like.... It's one of those floating in space records which you shut your eyes and imagine you're off there floating about minding your own business. Though there is a certain ominous presence on there hence me saying it veered on the dark side of things. It's fantastic though and if you're into drone music this is one of the best things I've heard in ages. Excellent!!" Norman Records.

Adam James Davis

"Adam James Davis is an artist from Nottinghamshire who is inspired by the symmetries, periodicity and harmonies of our world and the greater universe, as well as by the concept of "universe as music instrument" to be harnessed by technology and innovation. Adam likes to use music as a personal expression of the euphoria gained when contemplating such said harmonies, like self-similarity, interconnectedness and superunification, as well as a metaphor for such concepts. He also thinks harmony and rhythm are one and the same."

Tuesday 25th August
Chameleon, Nottingham

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