Saturday, 10 August 2013

New tapes available now!

Stuart Chalmers/Nick Edwards- split C60

A black hole of a split from Stuart Chalmers (aka Skarabee) and Nick Edwards (aka Ekoplekz, Ensemble Skalectrick). One almost thirty minute track, Reflectograph Suite, from Nick which is so phenomenally heavy it may start to drag objects into your speakers.Serious negative space dub. Here's his own words on the piece;

"Originally recorded in January 2011, 'Reflectograph suite' first appeared in a collaborative installation with video artist Jade Boyd, exhibited at Unsound Festival, Krakow and The Wassaic Project, New York (both 2011). This expanded version includes additional material recorded during that year, specially compiled and edited for release in January 2013."

Stuart Chalmers presents Subterranea Parts1-4 which was "improvised/recorded using 3 cassette tape players and pedals." I'm struggling to describe the eerie vibe that Subterranea conjures, it has the feel of a soundtrack that is miles away from the heavy handed synth hackjobs that are currently prevalent. Curdled strings and spooling tapes make for an unnerving and captivating listen. Wouldn't advise listening to this at dusk in an abandoned carpark.

Silver on black covers designed by Dan Ward and printed by the Print Project. Includes insert and is limited to 80 copies. There will be no digital release of this album.

SOLD OUT. Thanks.

Skeksi- liveness 2008-2012 C30

Icasea label boss Tom Knapp has compiled four years of sweaty live abstract electronics from around the world and condensed and manipulated them to create a piece in which the clink of beer bottles and screams of fist pumping punters blend and meld with jagged beats that reminds, in hedonistic atmosphere at least, of Lee Gamble's recent Diversions LP for PAN. It's impossible to listen to this warped purple beauty and not be transported to a dimly remembered sweat box, pushed up against strangers with the bass buffeting your lugholes and ribcage.

40 copies. Fluroescent purple tapes with insert. Cover art by Dan Ward and printed by the Print Project. Owing to the random nature of the universe we have 30 purple covers and 10 manilla. Both look great but let us know if you want a specific colour when ordering. No digital version of this album will be available.

SOLD OUT. Thanks. Handful of copies will be available at Norman Records and Rewind Forward in Bristol.

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